Our History

1815-Started by Samuel Goddard

Parish records show that the Goddard family were living in Brentford in the 1790s and active in various local business activities.Samuel Goddard had originally started his business in Brentford with the intention of making Umbrellas. Samuel tried a variety of different trades and predominantly ended up being a Clothier & Furniture Dealer.He had five sons who worked for him as they were growing up their own business’s.

Joseph Goddard (Son of Samuel Goddard)(1833 – 1924)

Joseph Goddard born 1833 grew up working for his father, eventually leaving the company to sell china and glass in 1866.He moved his family and business into the 174 High Street in Brentford , moving again before 1891 to number 277 High Street.

Percy Goddard (Son of Joseph Goddard)(1873 – 1958)

Percy Goddard born 1873 worked with his father Joseph. Percy’s father Joseph gradually passed the reins of the business over to him . Percy had two sons, Wilton Goddard (1912 – 1987) and Stanley Edward Goddard (1914-2005).

Percy was a leading member of the Brentford Chamber of Commerce. Percy realised that there was no survival for the business if it continued to trade in China and Glass and had the foresight, that dealing in furniture was the future. By the 1920’s the business had changed its name to P. Goddard and Sons.

Transforming the business to furniture retail and turning into a Private Limited Company in 1947 , he opened up a second premise in the High Street at number 124 in the mid 1950’s. Stanley ran the furniture business whilst Wilton set up a electrical retail store ‘Goddard Brothers’ which carried on until the 1980’s.

Stanley Edward Goddard (Son of Percy Goddard)(1914-2005)

Stanley Edward Goddard, was born in 1914, he grew up working at the furniture store eventually marring Constance Wood who’s family owned the famous ‘Wood’s Eel pie and mash shops’.

They had 2 sons and one daughter Michael, David and Jennifer.

Eventually taking the reins from his dad Percy, Stanley opened a new furniture shop at 161 South Ealing road. Two years later he opened a new prestige shop at 225 High street Brentford (replacing the two other stores in Brentford).

P.Goddards and sons is currently run by Stanley decedents and have branched out into other transport business’s.